Feb 2016

Linkliste #9

1. The Art Of Silversmithing At Puiforcat By Hermès.
"Crafting one single tray from start to finish can take up to 50 hours – from the hammering and heating of the material to the polishing and engraving."
2. Statoil baut größte schwimmende Offshore-Anlage der Welt in der Nordsee
3. Selbstparkende Bürostühle
4. Mesmerising Mass Sheep Herding
5. Beautiful Winter: Moscow City Areal
6. Photographer Yann Rabanier, architect Thomas Cestia and videographer/director Romain Dussaulx teamed up to create the series ‘Cars and Bodies’, exploring the theme of mobility in big megalopolises and the perception of territory.

New York City: Wait or Run

Linkliste #8

1. Fischer im Recht: Die Lügenpresse
"Eines ist sicher: Jeder hat seine eigene Wahrheit. Was öffentliche Wahrheit ist, bestimmt die Kommunikation. Doch wer hat jetzt recht?"
2. Soft robotic fingers can pick up even fragile objects. The stretchable flaps use electroadhesion to accomplish their goal.
3. Turning good vibrations into energy. Mechanical trees become power ‘plants’ when they sway in breeze.
4. Microsoft wants to put data centers at the bottom of the sea. The first prototype, Leona Philpot, was trialled in the Pacific Ocean.
5. Brenner Basis Tunnel.
"Die mit 64 km längste unterirdische Eisenbahnverbindung der Welt gilt als ingenieurstechnische Pionierleistung des 21. Jahrhunderts (…)."

Linkliste #7

1. Pico Iyer — The Art of Stillness
Pico Iyer is one of our most eloquent explorers of what he calls the "inner world" — in himself and in the 21st century world at large. The journalist and novelist travels the globe from Ethiopia to North Korea and lives in Japan. But he also experiences a remote Benedictine hermitage as his second home, retreating there many times each year. In this intimate conversation, we explore the discoveries he's making and his practice of "the art of stillness.”
2. Discover the hidden treasures of globe making with one of the world's leading fabricators. Uncharted Territory: Peter Bellerby.